Reel Therapy Sportfishing Fishing Photos

About Reel Therapy Sportfishing Fish Photos

Explore our captivating photo gallery showcasing the incredible moments of success, thrilling catches, and delighted clients aboard Reel Therapy Sportfishing. Join Captain Dan Lemon on unforgettable Lake Erie walleye and perch fishing trips, and witness the excitement and joy that our clients experience as they reel in their prized catches. From action-packed fishing scenes to happy clients proudly displaying their trophies, our gallery tells the story of the memorable adventures waiting for you with Reel Therapy Sportfishing.

Reel Therapy Sportfishing Photo Album is a collection of our guests in action. The Fish photos include walleye and perch. The Fishing photos are taken in Lake Erie, Wolf Creek Pond, Back of Howells Pond, Cedar Creek Pond, Carrington Pond, Turtle Creek, Pintail Pond, Outlet Pond, Widgeon Pond