Lake Erie Fish Species

Common Lake Erie Fish Species Questions

What fish are most common in Lake Erie?

Lake Erie boasts a rich array of fish species, particularly renowned for its plentiful and highly sought-after walleye and yellow perch. At Reel Therapy Sportfishing, we focus on guiding anglers to these prolific species, providing expert advice and exciting fishing adventures on the vibrant waters of Lake Erie.

What bait to use in Lake Erie?

In Lake Erie, the choice of bait can make a significant difference in your fishing success. At Reel Therapy Sportfishing, our experienced team knows the optimal bait for targeting various species, such as using minnows and nightcrawlers for walleye and emerald shiners for yellow perch. We're here to provide you with the right bait and expertise to maximize your chances of a great catch on Lake Erie.

What is the biggest fish ever caught in Lake Erie?

The largest fish ever recorded in Lake Erie was a sturgeon weighing over 200 pounds. While pursuing such rare giants isn't the focus of Reel Therapy Sportfishing, Captain Dan specializes in providing memorable experiences catching the lake's abundant walleye and yellow perch.

A Reel Therapy Sportfishing Guided Fishing Trip targets the top Lake Erie Fish species including walleye and perch. We primarily Fish the Lake Erie, Wolf Creek Pond, Back of Howells Pond, Cedar Creek Pond, Carrington Pond, Turtle Creek, Pintail Pond, Outlet Pond, Widgeon Pond.